The Weekend

Host Family In RiverStaying with a host family has been so much fun.


The Host Life

When I first arrived at my host family stay, I had no idea what to expect. My host family had just gotten back from a long, busy vacation in Croatia. They were exhausted when they came to the apartment to pick me up, and I was incredibly anxious as I waited for them. Before coming to Romania, we had learned some of the customs and what to expect from our host families, but like most things in life, it is different to experience it for yourself. What would my place be in their home? Would they speak English? I was both excited and a little nervous to find out for myself.


Home Away From Home

Officially I have been here for half of a semester! Wow, time has gone so fast but the time was well spent! Over the last few weeks I have been a part of a host family and to simply say that I enjoyed my time would be a huge understatement. My host dad doesn’t speak any English but this has made the experience all the more interesting. Most of the time I have relied on Google translate to have a conversation with my host dad but this has made the experience all the more fun. As I look back on the last few weeks I think about how much I have grown and how my life has really changed.


Contrasts of the Romanian Landscape

We have made our home in Lupeni for the semester, a town once caught up in the spotlight of Communist industrialization when coal-mining was a booming industry. Now Lupeni is a victim of history, a town floundering in memories of the glory days while trying to keep its head above water as part of the now-forgotten Jiu Valley.


Romanian Hospitality

After our week of Viata we came down from Straja into the town of Lupeni with feelings of accomplishment, awe and nervousness. I, in particular, was especially nervous about my homestay. I was so afraid that my family would not like me and had been praying ferverently every day for my family to accept me.