Romanian Ingredients

One thing I didn't consider thoroughly before coming to Romania was cooking. I thought about trying new foods and exploring different ingredients. It was exciting to look forward to, and it was as great as expected. Trying Romanian dishes has been one of my favorite parts of this experience. Being able to try new dishes and bond with the people who made it has been amazing. Romanian food is so good! Sarmale is this great traditional dish that's a mixture of rice, meat, and spices that's them wrapped in cabbage leaves to make little 3-inch pockets of delicious-ness.


Food For Thought

In the short time I’ve been in Romania, I’ve learned a few important bits of information. One bit I learned is; the food is amazing, and the second I learned is; Romanians love to show their affection through food. There hasn’t been a day so far that I haven’t had some form of bread at any given moment of the day. In my host family, we have bread at every meal. Whether it be homemade white bread or fancy breads that I have a hard time pronouncing, I am without a doubt always full by the time I’m done eating.


Communication Prevails No Matter The Obstacles

Communication is so easy to take for granted.  This is especially true when speaking a native language in a culture that is all too familiar.  Both verbal and nonverbal communication comes so naturally when at home.  When I arrived in Romania I became much more intentional with how I interacted with others.  This is particularly true with my host family.


On Giving Thanks

Each week, one of my colleagues and I pay the equivalency of about 70 American cents to ride in a large white van stuffed with passengers to our neighboring town, Uricani. We climb up a set of crumbling steps to a large clementine orange cement square of a building- the Uricani Primary School. Before even opening the door, we hear the excited shouts of around 30 middle schoolers drifting out through an open window. We take a deep breath, and submerge ourselves in the chaos that is IMPACT Club Clever.