One of the most important and exciting parts of the study abroad experience here on the Romania Study Abroad Program is the homestay experience. 10-15 families from the Lupeni area have invited you into their homes to stay for 7-8 weeks while you are live here. They live within walking distance from where you will take classes, and will share many meals with you. Some of the homes are quiet, while in others there is never a dull moment! An open mind is key to enjoying your homestay experience. Romanians are very hospitable and they will love having you around, as well as caring for you in whichever way they can. Some speak more English than others, so this will be a great way for you to practice your language skills!

Please note: internet is not required for the home stay families. It is possible that your host family will have it, but you are able to use the internet at the classroom space. During your homestays, access to the internet may be more infrequent.

Meet a Host Family

When I first stepped off the plane in Romania in 2007 I was overwhelmed by everything – I was away from my family, stepping into an unknown culture, and extremely nervous about what was going to happen. However, my time in Romania became a joy filled and life changing semester which continues to fill my heart and influence my life.

The best part of my semester was living with my host family. The Trifan’s welcomed me with great love and hospitality and helped me better understand what it means to be part of the global family of God. Persida, my Romanian sister, and I continue to keep in touch and share our lives. Romania is an enigma; abundant in desire yet lacking in opportunity, enveloped in the beauty of God's creation yet disfigured by the marks of communist desolation, full of love yet still ridden with mistrust. The ability of Romania’s people to live in this tension between hope and despair instilled in me a more encouraging view of the world and an ability to trust the hope of God in the midst of chaos. I will be forever grateful to Romania, and her people, for showing me the reality of God's universal Church.

Ashlea (Combs) Denton, 2007