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Traveling for Dayz

            One of the best parts about being in Romania is how easy it is to travel within Europe. Most weekends we’re traveling somewhere in Romania—from Retezat (beautiful mountains that were a serious challenge to climb) to gorgeous cities like Cluj—we are always busy and on the move. I’ve loved almost every minute of travel. Every place we go has a unique feel and something new to experience. In a recent trip we got to go to the village of Breb.


When Parents Visit

This last week my parents could come visit me here in Romania. On their way to Lupeni, they took the same route that I did when I flew in. They stopped to see the Peles Castle, Bran Castle, and the Fagaras Citadel. They got to experience a lot of the same historical sites that I got to experience while I have been here. It has become great memories and bounding moments to talk about places that we loved to experience and see while we were all in Romania. While I was with them, we went on a day trip to Sibiu and a trip to the Corvin Castle in Hunedoara.


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