Imi Va Fi Dor De Voi

By McKinley Zula on December 5, 2017
We are in our last week in Romania and it has been a series of lasts. Every time I step into a second-hand shop, a restaurant, or a grocery store, I keep thinking that that time is the last moment, or memory, I will have of that place. Although I am really excited to be home and be with my family, I am sad to leave Romania. Over these last few months, I have grown an appreciation for the country and for the people within it. Romania is a beautiful country that has taught me a lot about myself and has given me the opportunity to experience new things.
This experience has made me more open to change, learning to embrace differences within cultures, and learn how to work around difficult situations. It has brought me difficulties but also a new way to handle them. I have met lots of amazing people. I will miss my host family and all the love and care they have shown me. I will miss my volleyball friends and all the laughs we shared. All the countless people that have shown me grace when I am trying to speak Romanian, and completely butcher it. I have truly appreciated this incredible opportunity.
Coming into this semester, I didn’t expect it to be more difficult to leave Romania than America. I have grown to love the people, the food, the culture, the cows walking down the street, and everything in between. Thank you, Romania, for all the crazy and amazing experiences and memories, I will miss you.