Professor of Sustainable Development and Experiential Education

Dana graduated in 1995 from the Faculty of Philosophy at Gordon College, and in 2005 achieved an M-Div from Gordon Conwell Seminary. He recently completed his PhD from the University of Middlesex, United Kingdom, with a successful thesis entitled: "The Glory of God is Humanity Fully Alive: Eastern Orthodoxy in Conversation with the Capabilities Approach” which combines Eastern Orthodox with Development Studies. In 1999, Dana and his wife, Brandi Bates, founded the first adventure education camp in Romania - VIATA. In 2000, he founded the New Horizons Foundation and launched an experimental educational model for young people that would later become the IMPACT program. He is currently the CEO of New Horizons Foundation, Director of the Romania Semester Program and the professor for both the Sustainable Development and Experiential Education Classes.

Dana provided an eye opening and innovative experiential education and community leadership program for my college study abroad program. Not only did he lend his vast knowledge and talents to those who participated but he continues to stay in touch and mentor those who seek his wisdom and practicality in their own fields of study above and beyond the study abroad program. Dana surely is a teacher in the truest sense of the word.

Andrew Mahoney, 2007